What exactly do you do?

We build audiences for bands by setting up, running and promoting mailing lists.

Can you prove it works?

We're doing it for other bands yes. Read our blog on Devilfire to see just how well it can work.

Does it cost?

Yes, the first year will cost you or your band £30 per month. This covers all of the set up fees (£150) and hosting etc plus an email a month to your fanbase. After the first year it will drop to £15 per month for as long as you want to participate.

Are there any extra costs?

Just for running the list no however; if you want to promote your mailing list to new audiences then there will be advertising costs which start at around £1 per day but you'd need to spend this anyway and we do it better!

What do you need from us?

We will need images. photos and music to put together the mailing list landing pages and promotions but we can talk about that in depth once you're onboard. Ongoing we need you to inform us of of any news or updates you want to impart to your fanbase.

Do we have to do anything?

Yes, you need to ensure that your mailing list landing page is top of your priorities for promotion. We can give you advice on this don't worry. We'll be holding evening online Q & A sessions for our tribes regularly.

How do we get our CD's into your shop?

All members of our tribes can put CD's into our shop. You just send us the CD's and we sell them on your behalf. We'll fulfil the order for you and take a small fee for doing so and deduct postage. The majority of the money from the sale is yours and we transfer it directly into your bank account.

Is the mailing list ours?

The mailing list is always yours however;  we act as the Data Controllers for your fans information so if you ever want to go your own way you have to consider this. If you do leave us then we will transfer the list to you providing you have been with us for 6 months. Prior to this we would ask you to pay the balance due up to £150 to cover the original set up fees.

Can you help me make money from my music??

Running a mailing lit is the first step towards building an audience that will spend money with you. Parallel Tribes can also help you add additional revenue streams by registering your tracks and songs with PRS for Music and the PPL.

Additionally we run an A&R consultancy to advise you on how and when to release your tracks and to ‘project plan’ your band’s career development to maximise your impact and profile.

I've got another question...

Fire away, just visit our contact page and drop it into the message.

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