Devilfire | A case study

Parallel Tribes worked with Devilfire to help them build an audience for their music.

After a very strong launch of their debut album Dark Manoeuvres Devilfire found themselves with a mailing list of around 100 fans and an ever growing following on Facebook which now numbered 7400.

Not too shabby but we knew that we could do better.

There were two issues to address. The first was the poor response to the mailing list. It was a simple 'Join our mailing list' request at the bottom of their landing page (Website) and had only resulted in just over 100 sign ups. A big part of the problem was that there was no real reason for anyone to join the mailing list. Fans could follow the band on Facebook or Instagram and knew that any new music would be distributed via their favourite streaming site, no need to join a mailing list right? Well yeah, right, but here's the second issue. You can't really talk to all of your Facebook fans, there are some that will visit the page on a regular basis but most of their 7500 followers will not see any new posts from Devilfire. Why? It's because Facebook simply can't show everyone everything all of the time! In fact if someone doesn't interact with your posts regularly it's doubtful that they will see anything from you at all. Far too many musicians rely on their social media presence as they've been told that it's really important but the truth of the matter is that, for most, it wont ever generate revenue without huge money being spent on advertising.

The Plan

We sat down with Devilfire and established that they had music that had been written and recorded but never released, this was a real opportunity so the plan was hatched to release a FAN ONLY EP directly to fans. An EP containing tracks that didn't make it to the debut album and that fans could stream, download and comment on. If the response was strong enough then a pre order would be offered for the EP in CD format and maybe even a vinyl release.

Parallel Tribes set up a dedicated landing page on Mail Chimp which had one job and one job alone, to collect fans email addresses. This was then promoted via all social media channels and boosted to as many of the 7500 Facebook followers as possible. Yes we spent a little on adverting to achieve this but Facebook actually know who will click on an advert and boosting will put your post in front of those more likely to click.

Additionally the top section of their website was dedicated to promoting the new EP so that any new visitors would be fully aware of this fantastic offer too.

The Delivery

The new EP was promoted for 2 months in the lead up to the fan only release and then, once released on 1st January 2019 it was sent out as a track everyday over four days to build anticipation and giving the fans an opportunity to give feedback on each track. At the end of the four days we asked if they would want to buy a CD and many said yes!

The Result

The result was as expected, the mailing list grew to over 500 fans prior to release and, as a result of the feedback, at the end of the promotion the EP was offered as a pre sale. Devilfire sold over 100 copies of the EP in the first week! That's 20% of the fans actually buying the CD which actually fully funded the release and they now have stock of the EP to sell at gigs and via their shop.

The EP continues to be promoted and we're now working with Devilfire on the release of a new album. At the time of writing the fanbase continues to grow and we look forward to watching Devilfire's progress.

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