Harness the 'Power of the Tribe'

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Marketing your own music is not an easy task and it's so damned expensive! So Market as a Tribe!

We want to help bands build audiences and we know how to market music but we don't have a huge budget to so we thought, "Why not get a number of bands or artists pulling together to reach new audiences, a kind of Music Marketing Tribe?"

So here's the idea...

We're building playlists & promoting these direct to listeners that we know listen to that style of music. By promoting these playlists we gain followers and that puts your music in front of a brand new new audience too.

What kind of audience sizes are we talking?

EDM = 4.8M

Pop Punk = 1.4M

Country = 7.7M

Taylor Swift = 3.3M

Bon Jovi = 680K

The list goes on and these are just UK numbers but you can see that there are significant audiences out there and we do know how to reach them, we've done it before. We can target audiences by genre or even down to individual artists so if we get playlists where music is really suited to a specific artist we can reach their audience directly too.

So what audiences are we focussing on?

We don't have a preset list. If we get enough music to kick off a playlist then we can put things in motion. The list will be built, and the advertising will start.

Everyone will know of other bands that are similar in style or genre to them so we hope that we can all pull together to make this work by inviting other musicians to join us.

How can I be a part of this?

Just submit your music here.


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