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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

In today's digital streaming age it's all but impossible for musicians to get their music heard.

40K tracks per day are added to Spotify alone!*

That's every single day!


One year ago it was half that figure so it's just getting harder to get heard if you're a new musician.

Just having music on a streaming site isn't enough anymore, without active followers and being on playlists a band's music will just sit there and never be noticed so they need our support now more than ever.

So at Parallel Tribes we're mentoring new bands and musicians to help them build that all elusive audience for their music. Our Marketing Tribe does just that and we are always actively promoting best practice in the promotion of new music.


Streaming sites are run by automated algorithms, they look for tracks and artists that are gaining popularity and add them to automated playlists and radio for others to hear. The more playlists a track is added to the more it's played and the more it gets noticed.

You can help new artists and bands directly by:

  • Listening to more new music on Spotify (Other streaming sites are available)

  • Adding their tracks you like to your own playlists

  • Following the new artists you've found

Following our Spotify playlists & spreading the word about them will help us educate more music fans about these great new grass roots acts. If you find a new band that you really love then shout about them on your socials and get more fans involved with the hashtag...


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